Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Post Graduation

School is over and I'm trying to decide where to take my next step. I now have a Masters Degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in metalsmithing and jewelry. Graduation was May 15 and in the month that has passed since then my girlfriend Burcu (pronounced Boor' ju) and I spent some time in Philadelphia, Boston, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, and the car. Lots of time in the car. It was a bittersweet time, because we knew she was leaving the country and I was not. On Saturday, I put her on a plane to Turkey where she lives. That was one of the harder things I've done in recent years. Skype is looking to be one of my new best friends. Here is a picture of us in the Adirondacks with my niece Ellie. Both of these girls are truly amazing.

In other news:

I just heard from a college friend that my work was pictured in the recent issue of Skidmore Scope for the Alumni Art Show. I know it's not much but there were only three photos out of 90 works!

The review was good as the intention of the show is to promote grads-- they are not overly (read: at all) critical. But I'll take it either way. It's always great when someone else writes about your work (see paragraph five).

I am looking at some jobs in New York City and Hanover, NH. I'm back in Hanover for at least a little bit now while I figure out some things. Hopefully something blogworthy happens so I can write about it--I will update when things look a bit more solid.

As David Halberstam, may he rest in peace, put it in his address to my undergraduate class of 2004, (and Hugh & Lyndsay reminded me of this past weekend):

(and I'm paraphrasing here...)

"Try to revel in the time spent in the air, between trapeezes, where uncertainty lives and the possibilities are endless."

Workin' on it, David.