Friday, April 3, 2009

For Robin

When I left UMass in 2007, I told my good friend that I would never visit her because I hated it there. But I also made a promise that I would come back for her Graduate Thesis Exhibition. That day is upon us-- the opening is tomorrow and I am going to drive 4 hours each way to keep my promise.

Robin is a great friend. I didn't like her when I first met her because she has a HEAVY Michigan accent and I am notorious for not liking people for really dumb reasons (another of my closest friends Steve and I had a similar start. I know I'm unreasonable and weird, lay off.) But soon after she became my best friend and remains so to this day (despite not having seen her for 2 years). I'm going to see her tomorrow and I'm super excited.

I was indulging in a mindless activity of slicing up a dollar bill with an X-acto knife the other day at my bench and I realized how close my visit was coming. I needed to make a present for my dear friend and I also wanted this bill to become something besides a bunch of cut up paper. Now two more things about Robin: She's SO money and she's a baller (both very important). So after a bit of messing around and a little thinking and way too much time spent on such a tiny thing, I came up with this piece. I only hope she doesn't read this before I get a chance to give it to her.


  1. that's a cool idea, where do you come up with these things? wiffle eggs was good too. also, i thought we were friends. -Laura

  2. Robin is a lucky gal to have you for a friend!